The first Internet history workshop “The Latest History, the Farthest Future” 2022-09-24 OHI interview with Ira Magaziner: The father of ICANN & the senior advisor for the former US President Clinton 2019-09-20 OHI interview with Steve Crocker: The Former Chairman of ICANN 2019-09-20 OHI interview with Steve Goldstein: The Internet Pioneer who connected China to the Internet 2019-09-19 OHI interview with Becky Burr: The mother of ICANN 2019-09-18 OHI interview with Bob Kahn: The father of the Internet 2019-09-18 OHI interview with Steven Levy: The hacker writer 2019-09-16 OHI interview with Esther Dyson: The First Lady of Cyberspace 2019-09-15 OHI interview with Paul Twomey: The longest-serving CEO in the history of ICANN till now 2019-09-15 OHI interview with John Vittal: The pioneer of E-mail 2019-09-14 OHI interview with Willow Bay: Dean of the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism 2019-09-11 OHI interview with Göran Marby: The CEO of ICANN 2019-09-10 OHI interview with Richard Stallman: The father of free software 2019-09-08 OHI interview with Gordon Bell:The father of the minicomputers 2019-09-07 OHI interview with John Haverty: A founding member of ICCB (later IAB) 2019-09-06 OHI interview with Elizabeth J. Feinler: The witness of the Internet development 2019-09-05 OHI interview with John E. Savage: The Internet pioneer 2019-09-04 OHI interview with Latha Reddy: The former Deputy National Security Adviser of India 2019-09-04 OHI interview with Gulshan Rai: The Indian Internet pioneer 2019-09-03 OHI interview with Severo Ornstein: The internet pioneer 2019-09-02 OHI interview with Kilnam Chon:Asian internet pioneer who stands on the top of the mountain 2019-08-25 OHI interview with Bob Frankston:Founder of Visicalc 2019-07-17 OHI interview with Dan Bricklin, “The Father of the Spreadsheet” 2019-07-16 OHI interview with David P. Reed: the man witnessed the uprising of PC industry 2019-07-15 Fang Xingdong 2019-03-07 CyberLabs 2019-03-07 Internet Oral History 2019-03-07 Greeting words from Werner Zorn 2017-12-05 Greeting words from Mitch Kapor 2017-10-26 Congratulatory Message -- Bob Kahn 2017-08-26 Congratulatory Messages from Internet Pioneers to OHI project 2017-08-23 Congratulatory Message --Stephen Wolff 2017-08-11 Congratulatory Message --James Andrew Lewis 2017-08-11 Congratulatory Message --Steve Crocker 2017-08-10 Congratulatory Message -- Mike R. Nelson 2017-08-10 Congratulatory Message --Vint Cerf 2017-08-08 Congratulatory Message --Leonard Kleinrock 2017-08-08 Brewster Khale: Universal Access to All Knowledge 2017-08-05 Congratulatory Message --Lawrence Roberts 2017-08-04 Congratulatory Message -- Michael Malone 2017-08-04 Congratulatory Message -- John Markoff 2017-08-02 Ted Nelson Predicts the Text in the Future 2017-07-28 Ted Nelson: Inventing the documents for the future 2017-07-28 Security Statutes for Critical Information Infrastructure (Exposure Draft) 2017-07-19
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