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    OHI interview with John Haverty: A founding member of ICCB (later IAB)

    OHI interview with John Haverty: A founding member of ICCB (later IAB)
    OHI project interviewed John Haverty on 6th September 2019 near Silicon Valley.

    John Haverty is a member of BBN, whose place is more than 100 miles away from Silicon Valley. The appointment was made a long time ago, but haven`t been done as I don`t know how to drive. Finally, thanks to the help of a friend, I am able to meet him.


    We set off pretty early in the morning and returned back late at night, it took more than 4 hours to drive, far exceeding our estimate time, this was indeed a challenging task. And we can`t find much of his profile from google. But Dave Walden highly recommended him and I believed Dave, so I must go and interview Haverty for the history of the Internet.


    John Haverty entered MIT in 1966, and his mentor, the famous JCR Licklider (passed away in 1990), who conceived the design of the original ARPA network and was regarded as the father of the Internet, was also his boss. Although it is impossible to interview Licklider, it is nice to have someone close to him to share some stories about Licklider for us to get a rough picture of him.


    In 1977, John Haverty joined BBN and participated in the deployment of the first TCP-based network. He is an important member of the birth of the Internet. Besides, he is also a founding member of the Internet Control and Configuration Board (ICCB, later IAB).


    Moreover, Haverty showed us some documentation and records of the old days, further enriching the figures and events in the early times of the Internet.


    Please follow us for more stories about John Haverty.

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