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    OHI interview with Gulshan Rai: The Indian Internet pioneer

    OHI interview with Gulshan Rai: The Indian Internet pioneer
    OHI project interviewed Gulshan Rai on 3rd September 2019 in Silicon Valley.

    The annual Global Cooperation in Cyberspace Progress Roundtable held by the EastWest Institute gains a high reputation in the world. By attending this conference, we could not only have the honor to learn state-of-the-art internet knowledge but also interview attendees on the spot during the break. Gulshan Rai, the Indian Internet pioneer, was the first one we interviewed during the conference.


    Dr. Gulshan Rai has over 30 years of experiences in Information Technology. In 2015, he became the first Network Security Officer nominated by the Modi government. In 1986, he was involved in developing the network of Indian scientific research institutions, the predecessor of the Indian Education and Research Network (ERNET). During that time, he worked on e-mails and used both TCP/IP and OSI protocols from the very beginning until  1995 when TCP/IP protocols became the mainstream in the Internet field.

    What appealing most to us is the 30 years’ development of the Internet in India. Gulshan Rai, a major participant and witness of the development of the Internet in India, has worked on several important network-related positions in the government, including legislative work. We believe that he is the one who could undoubtedly provide loads of first-hand stories for us. However, the time of our interview is too limited, we hope that we can discover more exciting stories about Indian Internet and go deep into the history of the Indian internet development next time.



    Please follow us for more stories about Gulshan Rai.

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